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McJobs Cost us all!

Join the Fight For 15 on May 25th to march on McDonald's headquarters to demand $15 & union rights for all workers & an end to tax avoidance!

While McDonald’s stock price is at an all time high, wages are so low that more than half of workers in the industry are forced to rely on public assistance. McDonald’s alone costs taxpayers more than $1 billion a year.

McDonald’s is not only failing to pay fair wages, it’s also ripping off taxpayers by dodging its fair share of taxes around the world. When McDonald’s cheats on taxes, it means that countries implement austerity measures. It means that in a state like Illinois, where there is a funding crisis, there is no money for childcare and home care and our public education system doesn’t have the money it needs. It means that underfunded Black & Brown and poor communities lose millions, while McDonald’s gains more profits.

McDonald's low wages and tax schemes force taxpayers to pick up the slack just so hard-working people can meet their basic needs.

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